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15:27 @chiah that's awesome - I'd kill for one of 23andMe's DNA kits, but they're out of my price range...

15:41 @chiah just did on that last one you tweeted ;)

17:51 things I don't get the appeal of: AudioBooks & PodCasts. Perhaps they are related...?

18:09 a person I would LOVE to interview one day - Johnathan Ive

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15:26 New, from Wes Craven... radar.net/c/eZb_

17:39 just saw Up. Wonderful little movie, very sweet. Some really funny moments too.

19:43 has Music of The Night stuck in his head

09:18 @rinnywee that's cool!

11:34 @caramida I keep meaning to go there. Let me know what it's like

11:35 @martingorham I'm sure you are soooo sad about that ;)

11:36 note to my fellow Javascript developers - if I catch you not using braces around IF statements... I will hurt you. A lot.

12:27 happy to have got his iPhone 3GS shipment notification this morning. Yay!

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14:34 @fngkestrel I'm training for the Kuaui Half Marathon in September - will need your help fundraising ;)

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16:12 amused to note that lawyers have an industry magazine called "Super Lawyers"

17:31 I seem to be in good hands radar.net/c/eUK6

12:39 just got back from Team in Training... did just under a 13min mile... I'll get there, but man I'm tired...

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19:15 feeling much more productive than I was. This has helped me feel a LOT better than I did. *pokes the brain* stop messing with me, ok?

20:22 oh fucking hell... please don't let this be as bad as it seems right now... pleasepleaseplease...

22:30 is... quite frankly, fucking terrified right now.

09:05 still terrified, stressed, and depressed, but there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel -- hopefully its not on fire.

11:48 @anab1 I'm to numb to panic, I'm just terrified right now. Making progress... but it's the possibilities that are scary...

12:34 I feel sick. radar.net/c/eUjG

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12:32 I've felt better, I really, really, have.

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14:06 What are they thinking? radar.net/c/eL53

14:11 So can't wait for this... but I have to... radar.net/c/eL5D

14:32 #crapsuperpowers - the ability to always make change for a dollar

14:54 it's always nice when you get to put up a company award radar.net/c/eL9e

17:38 @brianshaler that's because it's rather neat!

18:07 I just reached level 8. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

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16:05 @caramida enjoy the Pre - it's a fine phone.

16:05 @t I'm so glad that the iPhone doesn't have flash. So very very glad.

16:26 Hey @pvponline - your voice is not as deep as I expected it to be. Warmed by puppies tho! v.cute :) (toonhound live > ustre.am/DTS)

16:30 @flawedartist I'll be getting one of the new ones, so if you want to wait to see one in action then I'll demo it for you when I get it

16:36 @flawedartist - roughly... yes. There may be dancing involved too. Possibly some flaunting as well. I have to get my moneys worth after-all

17:43 looks like my bike was stolen Friday night - someone basically just "piggybacked" into the building (& cage)

18:00 @fngkestrel yup. Got the bastard on camera, but I'm not allowed to see it. Police is logical next step

10:19 @mjmalone nice idea, but it has privacy implications - that's why apps have to ASK for location on the iPhone right now.

11:49 @martingorham four hours from Wickford? what?

12:46 @phoopee3 not really, but it's nice to know that the product is there

13:23 @alanb seriously. Apple announcements are like stirring a pond with a stick - everything gets messy &you have lots of crap floating around

13:38 @flawedartist thats neat, but wow Facebook, welcome to 1998...

13:51 @barryjscott are you high? The O2 deals are FREAKING SWEET compared to AT&T. Seriously don't know how good you have it.

13:53 @cmpriest huh, neat!

13:53 @flawedartist oh and you should snag your name on hi5 too ;)

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16:28 the more time I spend on the internet the more I realize that most people are completely ignorant about most things. *sigh*

08:54 it would appear that my bike has been stolen... from the electronically locked, CCTV covered bike cage. Fuckers

12:43 new iPhone 3GS is exactly what I expected and wanted. Nice set of hardware upgrades but the iPhone is all about the software UI/UX anyhow

13:39 @phoopee3 - what are you smoking? 32gb is $299 with contract. Who in their right mind buys a smartphone at retail prices?

13:42 Apple has really thrown down the gauntlet to AT&T - fix your network & include MMS and Tethering, we're sticking it in the phone either way!

13:44 @mjmalone that's odd. I have a iPhone 2G, so I'm good either way...

13:48 @wyldkyss - no, just mine >_<

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20:32 It's our 3rd anniversary, and Miriam looks more beautiful each day radar.net/c/eHkP

00:29 Whoever designed Blender should be shot. I've never encountered a more unfriendly UI or app - and I'm USED to 3D apps. Horrible.

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15:08 @grahamux it didn't at the time, most things on there didn't.

18:21 I FINALLY saw Frank Chu in the flesh radar.net/c/eG5J

18:50 the dinnering hour, before the show radar.net/c/eG7E

19:00 Mmmm Buffalo Stew sandwich... radar.net/c/eG81

21:19 Drums of Death RULES as support radar.net/c/eGdf

22:17 Drums of Death may be my new favourite artist. WOW.

23:52 Peaches: Fashion Forward radar.net/c/eGjh

00:03 Peaches rocking the stage radar.net/c/eGk9

01:56 glad to be home, but what a great show. Peaches was great & Drums of Death was possibly even better.

02:00 I got Peaches crotch IN MY FACE; stage dived by her; hi5'd Drums of Death, & spent an hour with 2 girls boobs pressed on me. A good night.

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14:13 @PaulMecurio - thanks for the follow, hopefully I'll be able to catch you when you're in SF next week. Enjoy the weather!

14:26 @caramida neat! Have a hotdog for me!

09:59 after a quick visit to the chiropractor I feel great! I should have started this years ago!

10:25 @t Doesn't everyone know that already? They do that in the UK too, and honestly... I don't blame them.

10:52 @jellyd are you involved with Tourettes Without Regrets this year?

11:04 @FlawedMaddy lmao - I demand photographic proof!

13:10 just ran into an otherwise rather pretty lady whose ass was the size of two large melons. I'm not kidding!

13:11 Miriam & I were quite distracted by the SuperButt...

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15:36 @jeriellsworth there's a HCS is San Jose? Thought there was only one is Santa Clara and Sac?

17:04 @caramida congrats man! What does this mean for the future?

17:50 I just reached level 6. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

00:14 just found out that @andycrane64 is on Twitter. Neat - one of the people that shaped my tv life growing up. Many props are due.

13:26 @FlawedMaddy lies, lies and damned lies :P

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17:11 @bberrymom both really. kind of the latter a bit more though

17:12 @jmk they had a big server reset. might have happened then

17:13 Just secured a safe house in Tbilisi, Georgia. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

19:59 @mc_lars Somehow you liking Wheatus is both surprising and expected. I'll have to check the new EP out though - good call.

20:01 @flawedartist apparently the best Korean BBQ place (according to koreans) is near my house. We should there and the Trappist!

20:19 @fngkestrel hell yes. Oakland has some of the best food and drink in the bay, it's just not as fancy or hipster centric as SF ;)

22:19 @FrugalBookPromo - neat, thanks for the tip. I'll check it out!

10:41 @mark_r what are you? The browser plague? WHAT DID YOU DO??

10:42 @jeriellsworth awww missed you when you were down here :(

11:29 @flawedartist would love to - but I'll be at a track meet for Team In Training

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14:08 I'm loving Aardvark ( vark.com/s/kT9o ) - it's like a cross between IM, a Social Network, and the Oracle of knowledge. thanks @jmk

14:18 @radarnet @poisson - that's a really cool video tour. Do I see a K2E in the office?

14:35 @fngkestrel not even google talk? If you have a gmail you have google talk

15:04 one of my main problems when estimating how long it will take to do something is that I assume other people do things in a sane manner...

16:32 @FlawedMaddy - that is a) adorable and b) awesome! love it!

16:46 Just secured a safe house in Berlin, Germany. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

17:08 random IE6 bug I just encountered - rendering an image element as a span. What. The. Hell? Sadly we HAVE TO support IE6 *sigh*

17:32 @LindseyA_ It looks great, but I hope there is more DLC for L4D before then, it needs it

17:48 @jmk the state of US rail transport is shocking.

17:51 fantastic Wired article about a master lock-picker - bit.ly/keymaster this is what makes Wired.com great.

23:08 writing a book proposal. Any tips?

23:21 I just reached level 5. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

23:55 I just wounded @adamwohl in an assassination attempt. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

00:31 @AuthorTech what are your tips for writing a non-fiction book proposal?

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20:59 fuck Equifax. Fuck them all to hell. I've no problem with most credit agencies - but fuck Equifax all to hell.

23:26 @chiah OMG I missed you! I must have walked past the google booth like 10 times :(

23:30 @uncultured yeah, it's a common thing with Parkor. Happened after it got popular with 14yr old kids. oh well. Same with martial arts too

09:55 just found out about this whole Susan Boyle thing in the UK. I watched the video and DAMN! What a voice.

10:12 @adamostrow I noticed that. It doesn't do it all the time - I think they need to fix when it shows

10:45 I just reached level 4. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

11:13 @fngkestrel OMG MONKEY ISLAND!

11:21 omg! NEW MONKEY ISLAND - not the remake but new! - www.telltalegames.com/monkeyisland/

11:51 @mc_lars welcome back home to o-town :)

12:18 Microsoft may have registered bingsucks.com, but I can think of so many other ways to say that... just saying.

12:21 how about bingisnothingspecial or bingis8yearstoolate ?

13:01 woah... GM just filed for bankruptcy. That's pretty big. I doubt it will make much difference though, except in who's pockets get lined...

13:22 @bberrymom not suprising. Teens use IM, email, & text messages a LOT more. it's when you're in your 20s+ you get distant enough for twitter

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21:34 hitting Coach Sushi by the lake. Best sushi in the bay!

00:28 dear eBayers - something is NOT rare if I have just scrolled past 20 of the same thing at a much lower price than yours. Kinda Old != Rare.

00:29 I just reached level 3. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

00:32 @uncultured parkour is about getting from A to B in the shortest route possible. Not gymnastics. It has a philosophy and goal.

09:57 ZipCar and I are done, professionally...

10:02 on my way to the Maker Faire, finally. No thanks to ZipCar

10:51 San Mateo Fairground does not know how to run a parking lot

13:44 Maker Faire is a lot of fun, but I'm sad I missed Adam Savage and Jeri speak yesterday :(

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14:03 @fngkestrel using Windows for games makes sense, but then you're not using Windows - you're using the game UI. Sort of proves my point.

14:27 @fngkestrel it will if you use something like Crossover, but yeah.

14:28 @pvponline It's because Ferris WORKS for it. He's smart, tends to be pretty fair, and looks after people. He also is fallible. Good writing.

14:33 @cmpriest you don't want a REALLY sticky potsoil then?

15:10 @playspymaster I want an invite! Everyone else on my friends list seems to be playing!

15:14 in the spirit of #followfriday - @hellobigfoot, @aleksk, and @levarburton

15:39 @pvponline what... the... hell....? That fails on so many levels I don't even know where to start

17:18 Just bought a Mod. 45 Automatic Knife. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

17:22 I just wounded @charles_baker in an assassination attempt. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

17:31 hmm spymaster can be a bit spammy on the ol' twitter account...

17:31 it is officially Beer O'click at hi5 right now. Excellent.

17:53 @uncultured - its cool, but that's not Parkour - it's urban gymnastics. It has none of the simplicity of motion and directness of movement

17:58 I just reached level 2. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

18:25 @caramida good luck with that - have you ever head about Philip K Dick's Kibble? it's like that...

18:33 @flawedartist I read some of that. Somewhat tempered by knowing its mostly made up

22:15 wow - a high quality rpg on the iPhone! radar.net/c/etiH

23:20 the mail brought a surprise package... of AWESOME!! radar.net/c/etlf

13:01 Go Team! Just did the kickoff meeting for my half marathon training! radar.net/c/eu27

13:18 @Christ_Coffey too many good games to pick on the Genesis for me. Played so much Road Rash tho!

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14:26 having one of those moments where I have a really neat idea, but no idea how to implement it. Need to learn more about building circuits

14:38 @miloh I would, but I'm busy that morning (hoping to head down that way later in the day tho, I have weekend tickets)

14:48 @FlawedMaddy er... I hope you just stubbed your toe or something and haven't electrocuted yourself...

16:07 good lord - this is a great speech by Lt. Dan Choi about Prop 8. Someone get this guy on TV - bit.ly/AcgnV

00:39 @Archana welcome back to SF! you should catch the comedy show Miriam helped write - KML Hits 101 at the Zuem

09:10 think Miriam wants a netbook just so she can play Heroes of Might & Magic

09:43 so who's going to Maker Faire?

11:34 @wilw don't we all? LeVar rules in many subtle ways

11:42 @FlawedMaddy wish I could do that (though not the reasons FOR it). I've got a stack of books I want to read

12:18 @fngkestrel which day?

12:59 I wish I wasn't turning into a mac snob but after going having to use XP & Vista for a bit I practically hugged my Macbook. So much nicer!

13:46 @caramida Agreed.

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16:06 just saved $4 a month on my cell phone bill. It's not a lot, but it adds up...

16:57 @jmk neat - but is something up with the Radar website? - it just seems to be messed up for me atm

18:25 By order of the managment radar.net/c/elDG

11:37 @FlawedMaddy or at least blog about it !

13:17 @Cowkitty so.. you want an iPhone basically ;)

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