Jun. 1st, 2009

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20:59 fuck Equifax. Fuck them all to hell. I've no problem with most credit agencies - but fuck Equifax all to hell.

23:26 @chiah OMG I missed you! I must have walked past the google booth like 10 times :(

23:30 @uncultured yeah, it's a common thing with Parkor. Happened after it got popular with 14yr old kids. oh well. Same with martial arts too

09:55 just found out about this whole Susan Boyle thing in the UK. I watched the video and DAMN! What a voice.

10:12 @adamostrow I noticed that. It doesn't do it all the time - I think they need to fix when it shows

10:45 I just reached level 4. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

11:13 @fngkestrel OMG MONKEY ISLAND!

11:21 omg! NEW MONKEY ISLAND - not the remake but new! - www.telltalegames.com/monkeyisland/

11:51 @mc_lars welcome back home to o-town :)

12:18 Microsoft may have registered bingsucks.com, but I can think of so many other ways to say that... just saying.

12:21 how about bingisnothingspecial or bingis8yearstoolate ?

13:01 woah... GM just filed for bankruptcy. That's pretty big. I doubt it will make much difference though, except in who's pockets get lined...

13:22 @bberrymom not suprising. Teens use IM, email, & text messages a LOT more. it's when you're in your 20s+ you get distant enough for twitter

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