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Yeah ok, I need to post more, I know. Its been more than a week.

I've even been threatened by [livejournal.com profile] choebe with severe conciquences if I don't!

I'll probably post a more... personal update later, I do have stuff to talk about.. its just that LJ has for some reason just slipped right off my radar as something to update. I do read everyone tho - even if I don't comment much.

Anyhow, on with the Twilight stuff. No 200 words last week (I know.. I know) but there's nearly 800 here and I wanted to finish the section off. Tell me what you think...

One of the great historic successes of the world, or so they said, was Global Privatisation. Of course the they in this case tended to be the people that had benefited the most, so perhaps they cannot be considered unbiased. Global Privatisation was, effectively, the corporate take over of countries; whole territories run by enormous corporations; Corporate boards replaced parliaments; CEO’s and entrepreneurs replaced dictators. It had made perfect sense at the time.

If a company could pay off a country’s national debt using its profits, wouldn’t the country therefore be an asset of the company? Hadn’t they effectively bought a country? It had seemed so, and these corporate run countries had done very well. They were stricter in some ways, granted, limiting certain personal freedoms; they also were very, very, successful.

Their increasing success, and so also profitability, had meant that more countries found themselves the subject of take over bids. Not only that, but many of their citizens supported the move. Political analysts were dumbfounded at what they saw, but on reflection it perhaps wasn’t such a strange thing. The companies worked for, and with their customers, and their customers were also their employees. In time the companies found that they were just as bound to their citizens as the citizens were bound to them.

It had worked of course. It still worked, London was a shining example of it working. Things that would never have been profitable, or legal, before had become not only accepted, but standard.

Adverts shout down at the street from floating holographic beacons, traffic lights promote auto parts on their solid light walls. Products and services are advertised everywhere – its all for your good of course – what you buy benefits the company, and what benefits the company benefits you. It had been this way for so long that most people forgot there was another way, and anyhow – that was far to long ago to remember.

If it wasn’t for Australia most people wouldn’t have the faintest idea what a government was, and even then really didn’t understand the concept. Originally Australia, with its historic connections to Great Britain, was assumed to be joining the globalisation efforts of the European Corporation. The announcement that the cabinet would becoming shareholders in the corporation was, however, met with an unprecedented public outcry.

After the dust settled from the ensuing riots it became apparent to the growing EuroCorp that the Australian people were not going to go quietly into this brave new world. The Peoples Republic Of Australia was born, and it gave a resounding middle finger to the European Corporation, quite literally in one television broadcast.

Since then little had been heard about Australian life, as most of Australia was quickly closed to the outside world. Securing the ports and harbours today are massive fortified walls, inside of which the Aussies live largely self-sufficient lives. The one exception to this is Sydney. Always a tourist attraction, Sydney has been left accessible to the outside world, with the normal fortified walls erected outside the city limits. The reasons for this exception would seem to be many, ranging from economic to political. However many historians say it could quite possibly be much simpler than that – one high ranking official shortly after the revolt is quoted as saying “the rest of the world can bloody have Sydney.” This quote, especially considered with another relating to Melbourne being named the capital city because “Canberra was bloody boring anyway” say a lot about the attitudes and views of the Peoples Republic.

Of course this difference breeds a certain kind of fascination, and many people would make the dangerous illegal crossing from New Zealand to a minor port to try and get inside the fortifications. Those that are found, and they are found, if they are lucky find themselves electronically tagged and swiftly removed from the country. This is Australia For Australians the authorities say. Piss off back to your own country. The unlucky ones are never heard from again.

Jack owned a cheap boomerang that he had bought in Sydney. He’d never been able to throw it right, and nearly took one of his fingers off when he’d been half successful and tried to catch the damn thing. It was now buried, along with other useless junk, somewhere in the recesses of his one bedroom apartment, over a street level away.

The lift music faded out and the perky AI face appeared again.

“You are now at floor three nineteen, if you need any more assistance please access me at any computer terminal.” She winked and faded back into the glass again as the doors opened. Flirty lifts, whatever next? Jack thought, amused, and stepped out into the corridor.

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Ok, so.. I've not posted much recently, I don't know if any of you really mind, but I have ommited one thing that I promiced I would post no-matter what...

I didn't post 200 words last week from Twilight, I apologise to all invovled. I should have done, but I didn't.. mea culpa.

However... here's 1400, that makes up for it... right?

The next part of Twilight... )

more to come soon, what do you think?

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The shouting echoed through the alleyways of London’s Ever-Dark.

"I'm going to cut out your god-damn spleen you gutter-slut scum!" The voice panted and scrabbled, "I’ll split you in two.. and gut-fuck your corpse!" His voice echoed in the darkness, "We’ll find you!" He was running, in the dark, cold slaps of feet on the slick puddle ridden concrete ricocheted from the stone and metal walls.

She ran, and they were chasing. How they’d found her she didn’t know, but the call had been made, they couldn’t stop that. She’d made it to the phone box without a problem, but they must have been following her. They had tried, but failed, to grab her almost before she’d hung up. She’d fought them off then, cutting one of them nastily with her rings, but how long could she stay ahead? The fire lancing up her legs was already too painful to ignore, the extra reserves the adrenaline had given her had been used up too far back to remember.

She thought he was somewhere near Camden - she could the dull, tepid, slosh of the canal ahead, and some kind of street market a few stories above her. No-one would hear her if she screamed. No-one would care.

South was her best bet, try and get to Kings Cross, but he wasn’t far behind, and she had a long way to go before she find somewhere she would call safe. Her skin was freezing, her clothes torn and her jacket lost. All in all, she thought miserably, things weren’t looking good.
Well... my god.

Guess what happened? Go on.. guess. No? I'll tell you then:

I made it into Warren Ellis' Die Puny Humans blog!

I am seriously bouncing right now... bouncing I tell you! *Glee*

What with? Well it was for his Fast Fiction Friday, and now its being read by all those people. Pretty much I concider that a Warren Ellis stamp of approval on me, so I am now joyous and.. still bouncing.


What did I send to him? Well I sent an edited intro for Twilight to him, it could only be 200 words so I had to edit and trim a bit. Thought I'd post the full thing for anyone that may swing my way. Regular people may have seen the meat of this before. This is really a boost to me... as I said to Warren in his journal... from now on, something, anything - even if it is only 200 words - shall go in my LJ every week. Every damn week.. all from Twilight.

Twilight: Prophecy.

London is steeped in history. It’s lousy with it. Walk down any street and you will find it. Statues that proclaim to whoever will read that someone they’ve never heard of did something they don’t care about on this very spot. Street names ring with the forgotten meanings of yester-year. Hanging Swords Alley, or St Tweezers Lane. Who was St Tweezer? The world may never know.

London is bloated with nightlife. From the ever-dark of the lower levels, to the channelled natural light of Notting Hill Heights. As soon as the sun goes down the revellers come out, into the night. Into the thousands of venues that wait, just for them. Flashy neon lights beam down on their gleaming, sickly faces as they enter nightclubs to dance their minds away, to forget who they are, to live in the moment, to be someone else, to have someone else… just for one night.

London is busy. Never ending streams of traffic run through the streets, pumping people and products around like lifeblood. By day they look like ants, by night – the most fabulous glow worms. The hustle and bustle of daily life flows around the city, infecting every pore, until it is just one beautiful stream of information… travelling from destination to destination, glistening in the night.

London is new. Shiny spires tower over old roofs, constant regeneration. Old buildings are added to and evolve like a forest in time-lapse photography. New technology makes buildings think and respond to their occupants every need. Rebuilt a thousand times, the city is modern, the city has money, the city has people, the city is the only place to live.

London is where the world will end... but not tonight.
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The Into to my NaNoWriMo novel, based on the plot I plan to use for Twlight: Prophecy.

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