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14:07 things I want to play with - Arduino Mega. It looks sweeeet. Plus 14 PWN i/o pins!

17:13 listening to Mos Def's new album (The Ecstatic). Fundamental and fantastic quality hip hop. None of this gangsta crap...

18:24 @wyldkyss what's their budget? Polurnet is really cheap and does more than most people will ever need - but really simply

19:13 Street party up in The Uptown! Oakland rocks radar.net/c/f4dM

21:49 ok, so a block party followed by great BBQ... Oakland rocks!

09:12 @jeriellsworth - I'm in awe. Seriously

09:13 @mjmalone probably because most sensible people pre-ordered it. Like me. ;) I get it delivered today

09:14 my iPhone 3GS Update - SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US - 06/19/2009 8:49 A.M. - OUT FOR DELIVERY. So close! I can taste it!

10:50 It's here! radar.net/c/f537

11:04 @caramida they've got one in Temescal too - don't they deliever

11:07 my new iPhones feature I will use the most? the olephobic screen. That is a godsend.

11:36 @maxniederhofer busy man eh?

11:36 @fngkestrel lol! I'm sure they haven't coated it in Olestra :P

11:40 tethering is totally doable - but it breaks visual voicemail atm. Working on a fix for that...

12:31 anyone have any suggestions as to best apps to take advantage of iPhone 3.0 features?

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